Betta Blinds – Zip Track Blinds Tips & Tricks for Better Outdoor Use

Blinds are known to be used indoors. But with a zip track blind, you now have a blind that’s made specifically for outdoor use. Betta Blinds Zip track blinds are known as the original outdoor blind system. It’s made for smooth and seamless operation, in which you can connect your indoor and outdoor environments to create a single harmonious space. To enjoy a year-round protected outdoor entertainment area even more with your zip track blind, we’ve prepared a short list of essential tips and tricks for you to follow:

Zip Track Blinds Operation

  • For hand-operated – also known as manual – zip track outdoor blinds, always remember to operate the blind from the centre. Starting from the centre will ensure that the material rolls evenly onto the top tube.
  • Motorised zip track blinds, on the other hand, requires motion supervision. Avoid operating during strong winds as the motor will have difficulties maneuvering the blind while the wind pressure is against the material.
  • Speaking of strong winds, when you’re dealing with high levels of wind pressure, make sure your blinds are left either fully retracted onto the top tube or fully down or locked at the bottom.
  • Avoid rolling up your zip track blind when it’s wet. Moisture on a rolled up blinds causes mould build up.
  • The Betta blinds Zip track blinds should always be smooth and straightforward to operate. If it’s challenging to manage for no particular reason, please contact us or the installer.

Cleaning Your Zip Track Blinds

  • Make sure the sunscreen mesh or PVC is clean at all times. Don’t overlook these two important parts of your blind.
  • Cleaning your blind will require a soft, damp cloth and cold, soapy water. Allow the materials to dry before rolling them up.
  • Use a cleaning solution when you’re washing a PVC blind.
  • Follow the cleaning instructions which are included in the manual of your Zip track blind.
  • Never apply strong detergents, insecticides, sprays, or cleaning fluids directly onto the fabric material.
  • Do not use a high-pressure hose to clean your blind as it will hinder its quality over time.
  • If you see bird stool or any other type of stain on your Zip track blind, make sure to clean it right away to avoid it drying up and sticking permanently onto your blind.

If you’re looking at the best outdoor blinds, then the Betta Blinds Zip track blinds will perfectly provide the right amount of perks and benefits that you will need for your outdoor entertainment area. Visit our website now and check out our outdoor blinds.