Top Window Ideas for the YouTube Chef in You

Home cooking is now even more popular than ever as YouTube chefs provide easy recipes and cooking tips for stay-at-home moms who love baking or cooking restaurant dishes. Technological advancements have also allowed for easy recipe downloads and interacting with other aspiring chefs around the world.


Lighting plays a significant role in cooking, especially for those who have blurred or weak eyesight. Almost every YouTube chef who makes money through sharing videos on the platform use natural lighting in their videos, that is, direct sunlight.



If you want to try making a living out of providing new recipes for YouTube audiences, you should carefully consider which type of window your kitchen should have. Researchers who study the behaviour of people watching videos suggest the following window ideas for natural lighting.


Double-Hung Windows


These types of Windows Adelaide are prevalent in residential areas since they allow for natural light to come through and also serve as a suitable air ventilator. Experts recommend installing your double-hung on the wall area of your kitchen where there is a lot of space for you to move in while you cook and record your activities on video.


Slider Windows


Many reliable Windows Adelaide providers offer slider windows in various textures in shades so they can blend in with your home’s overall aesthetics. With a slider window in the kitchen, you can rest assured that enough natural light will come through to improve the quality of your YouTube videos.


Bay Windows


Probably the most popular type of bedroom window there is, a bay-type comes in various designs so you can be creative when you discuss the plan with your architect or contractor. Bay windows can be small or huge, depending on how much light you want to come through and how much space your kitchen has.


While bay windows are commonly seen bedrooms, you can always ask your construction expert if these windows are possible for installation in your kitchen. Most often than not, expert contractors will find a way to make it happen.


Stationary Type


Stationary windows are an excellent choice for homeowners who already have ventilators in their kitchens. Since these can’t allow air to pass through, you need to have a separate vent installed. These window types are the easiest to clean and are also great for YouTube aspirants who want quality lighting even indoors.


Making a living through uploading cooking videos on YouTube comes with multiple challenges. Lighting is just one of them, but if you choose the right window for your recording sessions, you can rest assured that your audiences will appreciate the quality of your videos. With patience, you will learn all the basics of running a YouTube channel.