What’s the Use of a TENS Machine?

The TENS machine is the first modern therapeutic machine to be developed specifically to treat back pain. The TENS machine creates an electrical current that directly targets specific sensory nerves that control pain from muscle spasms and other trauma. With the electric current flowing through specific muscles, the brain subsequently releases natural endorphins to the body to lessen the pain normally felt by the afflicted person. These endorphins work like the natural endorphin receptors in the body that release and control pains like the ones that occur when receiving a hit by a car.


TENS machines are extremely portable, easy to use and highly effective. Patients who have benefited from this device have testified that they no longer must take analgesics or endure intrusive procedures to relieve their pain. The electrodes that connect to the machine also provide the patient with pain relief. This means that the TENS machine can offer pain relief without the addition of any uncomfortable or invasive procedures. Furthermore, this innovative technology does not require extensive lab work.

There are two ways how the TENS machine works. One of these methods uses low-frequency electrical pulses to provide stimulation to specific pain areas. These low-frequency electrical pulses are conducted through the electrodes connected to the machine. Another method is to generate a small electrical impulse directly to the target area through the electrodes. These two methods generate very small electrical impulses that are difficult to detect by the naked eye. If someone feels a small electrical impulse, it is easy to distinguish that it results from the electrical activity in the body.

The tingling sensation often accompanies the application of the TENS machine. This is because the small electrical impulses generated by the machine can easily penetrate the skin and can therefore provide a sensation of burning or itching sensations. When the nerves receive these electrical impulses, they send out signals interpreted by the brain as a certain condition or ailment. The brain interprets these signals as various kinds of pain or discomfort. The brain sends out pain messages to the part of the body that has been affected, and this causes the sensations of itchiness and tenderness that characterize the condition known as TENS.

The self-adhesive pads used with the machine do not have any electrical charge attached to them. Therefore, there is no danger of causing any harm to you or any other person when you apply the TENS machine. If you are using the machine in your home or office, you may need to protect the electrodes that contain the pain-relieving agent from moisture, dust, or other particles that may damage them. When placing the self-adhesive pads on your skin, make sure that the pad is very clean and that it does not contain any residue that will end up sticking to your body’s skin. You may also need to use fragrance-free soap to wash off the surface of the electrodes.

Before starting TENS machine treatment, it is important to know whether you feel any pain or discomfort. TENS machine works by sending low-level electrical impulses to the nerve roots that are located in your body. By sending these electrical pulses to these roots, it can provide temporary relief from the sensation of pain. However, it is important to remember that TENS machines do not provide any permanent cure for the pain. Even when you feel some relief from the sensation, it does not mean that the condition has healed.