The Advantages of Choosing a Smart Smoke Alarm Detector

Even if there are numerous types of fire and smoke detectors in the market today, you should know that only a few are truly “smart.” A smart smoke alarm detector is what you should focus on finding since it offers the best safety features for your home. A sensor with intelligent features is safer and more efficient than a standard variety. You get the advantage of a device that responds quick enough to keep everyone safe during an emergency.

Below are the things you must know when you choose a smart smoke alarm detector.

1 – The device comes equipped with the feature that allows it to alert emergency services automatically.

The first thing you ought to understand is that fire and smoke detectors are what we call as life safety devices. However, the problem with standard ones is that when you are away from home during an emergency, there is no one there to respond to it even after the fire triggers the alarm. Do not expect your neighbours to save your pet and property inside because they know all too well that they are putting themselves at risk, also. Well, the solution to that is a smart smoke alarm detector that automatically alerts emergency services.

2 – Find one with an always-on cellular connection.

Know that fire, and smoke alarm detectors are different in many ways, so you must put in the effort to find the one that you consider to be the most reliable. For instance, we do not recommend that you install a variety that relies on Wi-Fi- to connect to the web or avail of internet services. The reason is that you never can trust the signal reliability of Wi-Fi- in emergencies. There is a probability that the device cannot send an emergency alert if you lose your internet service or if there is a power outage. Instead, choose a smoke alarm detector that takes advantage of an always-on cellular connection offering a reliable signal. With it, you do not rely on your home’s power since it has a backup battery to keep the signal and the device running all the time.

3 – Some smoke detectors are part of a connected home system.

While it is essential to install a fire and smoke detector at home, you should know that there also is a prospect of opting for a more sophisticated home system that integrates everything to ensure your home is safe and comfortable. For instance, a fully integrated smart home automation system allows you to control many different appliances, devices, and systems at home, including the smoke alarm detector. However, you must realise that it’ll be a lot pricier to go for a home system since you are getting more than one feature or functionality.