Louvre Window Perks You Should Know

Many homeowners today have come to realise that the excellent choice for their homes is the louvre type window. It is a window that is made from either aluminium, glass wood or other materials that features horizontal blades or slats.

You can still allow air and light to enter your home while keeping out harsh sunlight as the design of the slats of Roofing System & Louvres Melbourne can be angled. Also, adjusting the blades to what you want is much easier as these windows also come with a lever, pulleys or even motorised operator. We sum up below some of its benefits to help you decide on getting louvre windows for your home.

1 – It offers a full opening capability.

Since you can open the louvres windows twice as wide as a standard one, you can maximise the airflow to your home. Thus, without using any non-environmentally friendly devices, you can still enjoy the fresh air and coolness of your living space.

2 – Louvre windows usually come with adjustable blades.

Since louvre windows have adjustable slats, you will have control over the amount of breeze you want to flow in your home. You can significantly control the airflow to your home by simply adjusting the slats. For instance, you can tilt the sides up if you wish to have an optimal cooling effect. Through this, the cold air gets directed right to your ceiling.

3 – You can expect convenient and easy maintenance with louvre windows.

Compared to other kinds of windows, this louvre window type is considerably easier to clean. It is very practical since you can clean quite easily both its sides.

Choosing to install your louvres windows in high places not only provides you with excellent ventilation but diffuses light and privacy as well. Therefore, curtains or blinds are no longer necessary anymore. However, you are possibly letting in the fresh air if you have your windows lower.

With a wide variety of colours, the aluminium blades can be powder-coated. In fact, one of the benefits of aluminium slats is that it can smoothly take a wood-grain finish, so it resembles wood. However, it is much easier to maintain compared to wood.

Moreover, even during a gentle rain, you should know that you can still keep your windows open. However, louvre windows aren’t suitable in colder regions of Australia, which is worthy of mentioning.

Take note to opt for power operation if you consider Roofing System & Louvres Melbourne. However, you must make sure first that the electrical scheme is incorporated into the design. Be sure that you let professionals know that you are planning to screen them when ordering your louvres. This way, you will not lose any of the adjustability features.