Retaining Walls for Homes and Businesses

Outscape-Constructions Retaining walls in Adelaide can provide several functions depending upon their application. Typically a retaining wall guards an open space against erosion, either for aesthetics or by adding height to an uneven surface. Typically these structures are constructed of concrete, stone or brick, though masonry blocks can also be used as well.

The primary function of a retaining wall in Adelaide is to provide structural support for an earth wall or foundation. In addition, it provides for the continued presence of natural stone and the ability to incorporate aesthetic appeal into the structure’s design. With this in mind, you may find that specific structures can serve as both a functional and decorative element in your landscape design. The following paragraphs will provide a few specific examples which will give you an idea of the multiple applications of retaining walls Adelaide.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls The primary purpose of retaining walls in Adelaide is to maintain the landscape’s aesthetic appeal. Since the design of most residential and commercial structures can benefit from the incorporation of one or more sloping block structures, it only makes sense that these structures would also be utilized to support systems that may include water towers or other water features. These diagonal blocks are often constructed of stamped or coloured bricks, with some concrete added for the structural support. These structures can be built to meet the needs of whatever purpose they were designed for, including Outscape-Constructions retaining walls, pillars, pavilions, ponds, fountains, and even sky gardens.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls Natural stone is an attractive material for any decorative or functional construction. It is why so many architects and landscape designers choose to incorporate these materials in retaining walls in Adelaide. When selecting the right style and colour of stone to incorporate into a structure, the architect can often rely on the properties of the surrounding environment. The possibilities for design versatility are wide open, with various textures and colours available, including grey, tan, gold, and cream.

Fencing Solutions For various purposes, including retaining Adelaide walls, various types of fencing options are available. While traditional picket fences are still a popular choice for this purpose, other fencing styles, such as chain links, can provide additional security and are easier to maintain. Chain link fencing is also available in various styles, including those that feature a picket fence topped with lattice mesh. Green fencing solutions such as bamboo can provide a stylish yet durable alternative to environmentally-conscious homeowners’ traditional chain link style. Suppose the need to conceal the structure behind landscaping, retractable fencing options entirely is also available. For more details, check out Outscape-Constructions today.