When Is It the Ideal Time to Hire an Electrician?

You simply can’t afford to take chances when it comes to the electricity in your home. Even a minor malfunction or electrical failure can cause disastrous hazards and fires that may result in severe injuries, or worse, death. In fact, electrical faults cause about 30% of fire cases. Thus, if you spot any problem in your electrical system, you must call a qualified Electrician Golden Grove immediately. Several electrical issues can pose a severe risk both to your family and property. However, not all warnings are always as evident as you would expect. Sometimes, it is already too late before people realise that they already need a professional electrician.


Thus, to help you determine when to call up an electrician, we listed the most prominent signs below. Take note that many accidents and electrical disasters are avoidable when electrical issues are fixed early.


  1. Flickering Lights


Constant flickering of lights suggests that you have underlying wiring problems and not a sign that you are living in a haunted house. It means that you need to replace the bulb, which is something you can do yourself if you notice that only one light is flickering in your home. However, if persistent flickering is present in multiple fittings, no doubt, it is time to call up an electrician. Flickering lights may be the result of an out-dated wiring system that has weakened over time. Or else, it may be due to circuit overload. Yes, it can happen when you use multiple appliances at once.



  1. The circuit breaker always trips.


At one point or another, we have all experienced losing power. Often, even plugging the oven in can randomly cause the breaker to trip. One of the visible signs that there are some more serious electrical problems present is when your circuit breaker trips regularly, and you frequently lose power.


Another sign that you are overloading your electrical system and the circuit is drawing more current than it should be is when your circuit breaker often trips. You must contact an electrician immediately if you notice that your breaker does trip regularly. They will not only look for the root of the issue but upgrade your wirings as well to prevent it from occurring again.


  1. You experience electrical shock.


It is certainly time to call out an electrician if you always suffer from either minor or major electric shock. A clear indication that something is shorting out is when you feel a slight electrical shock when you turn on a light switch or plug an appliance. In fact, the result of frayed wirings or wirings that has lost its insulation is often electrical shocks.


No matter how minor it is, you should never overlook the risk of an electrical shock. Why? It is because, over time, it can transform into significant shocks or even house fires. Plus, attempting to fix the problem yourself is never ideal. To assess the issue and to ensure that it is appropriately and safely rectified, you should always lean on a qualified Electrician Golden Grove.