5 Ideas That Will Add Style & Shade to Your Backyard

Pergolas are great to have in your backyard. But just like any other outdoor structure, it needs help to become a lot more significant. That’s why when it comes to pergolas Adelaide, you need to add some accents, styles, decors, and designs to ultimately boost its overall appearance. If you are looking to improve the look of your pergola, then these five ideas might help you:

Add Some Lighting

By adding some lighting to your pergola, you can make it functional even at night. That means night-time barbecue parties in your backyard is now possible! Edison light bulbs coupled with hanging potted plants look beautiful in cedar wood pergolas. Since this type of pergola is resistant to rot and decay, you will enjoy your lighting fixtures much longer.


Add some Mediterranean look onto your backyard by adding some luscious curtains to your pergola! Curtains made of sheets add a dramatic look to your pergola that’s both elegant and inviting. It also adds some privacy. Addin in some potted plants, a centre table and some few chars with pillows and you now have an attractive outdoor space that’s perfect for tea time.

Paper Lanterns

Sometimes adding something as simple as paper lanterns can go a long way in terms of improving the overall look of your pergola. If you’re looking for that festive vibe, adding paper lanterns will ultimately do the trick.

A Larger Pergola

Extend your outdoor space by making your pergola even bigger! Standard-sized pergolas Adelaide are excellent, but there’s just something about larger, high-ceiling pergolas that you’ll love having. Not only does this pergola provide maximum shade, but it also offers an inviting space that will rival your indoor living room – especially when it’s outfitted with the comfiest furniture.

Plant-filled Pergola

Finally, if you’re running out of ideas, you can always turn to mother nature for the best concepts. By adding a plethora of different plants, you’ll become one with nature every time you sit and relax under the shade of your pergola. Hanging planters and climbing plants will bring your pergola to life.

Design Your Pergola Now!

Sometimes even the most straightforward features can already boost the overall look of your pergola. You don’t have to do a comprehensive overhaul or get yourself a new pergola. Work your way with what you already have by incorporating these five concepts for decorating pergolas Adelaide. We hope this article will help you with your pergola-decorating venture.