What Does an Orthopedic Surgeon Do?

Orthopedic Surgeons are medical doctors specialising in treating the musculoskeletal structure – the skeletal system includes the joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and tissues that are so important to mobility and bodily function. It is an especially popular specialty with over 200 bones in your body. When the patient has arthritic pain or needs a massage, an orthopedic surgeon can provide both. Orthopedic doctors also treat musculoskeletal; conditions such as whiplash, meniscal injuries, incapacitating spinal injuries, and other diseases.

Orthopedic Surgeon in AdelaideSome of the routine surgeries an orthopedic surgeon performs include laminectomy (removing a mallet), spinal fusion, arthroscopic knee surgery, microsurgery, mammoplasty, total hip replacement, lumbar laminectomy, total ankle surgery, cervical surgery, thoracic surgery, and lumbar puncture. These are just some of the surgeries they perform regularly. They also serve a host of minimally invasive minimally-invasive surgeries every year. For example, to achieve a laminectomy, the orthopedic surgeon inserts a lamina into the back of the thigh.

After the surgery, the orthopedic surgeon will give the patient various instructions to follow, such as getting clothing correctly. They might also suggest dietary supplements or suggest you use some of your regular medications before going home. If you have any underlying medical conditions, they will work closely with your primary care physician to determine what treatments you need. They will discuss any surgical procedure results and discuss any x-rays, scans, or tests completed during your visit. Your primary care physician is your closest medical partner, and they will provide the orthopedic surgeon with the medical history of your family, as well as details about your current health.

In addition to your medical education, Orthopedic Surgeon in Adelaide would also need to receive extensive pre-surgical and post-surgical education to perform their job to perfection. It would include learning about the body’s anatomy and how everything works. They would learn about pharmacology, first aid, emergency procedures, diagnostic imaging procedures, safety measures, CPR, and infection control. They would also need to know about special techniques for operating on trauma patients or working on severely injured patients at risk for internal bleeding or paralysis.

The orthopedic surgeon will perform multiple types of physical therapy, depending on the nature of the injury that caused the patient to be admitted to the hospital. They will evaluate the situation and consult with the patient’s primary physician. Once the doctor has decided on the course of treatment, the orthopedic surgeon will schedule an initial consultation with the patient. During that time, they will determine the scope of treatment and the required medications. The surgeon then decides to pursue operative, non-invasive treatments or surgical procedures.

Orthopedic Surgeon in Adelaide perform surgeries on all different kinds of patients, including athletes, swimmers, tennis players, weightlifters, football players, boxers, wrestlers, motorcyclists, and any other athlete sportsman may have suffered a physical injury. They can perform surgeries on virtually any part of the injured body, including the spine. Orthopedics surgeons have developed their specialties for treating different types of injuries that people may receive in their daily lives. It includes treating spinal cord injuries, as well as pediatric and traumatic injuries.