Men’s Shoes

It is no wonder that men’s shoes, also called loafers, have become one of today’s most fashionable shoe types. They are comfortable and easy to walk in a while, also offering a polished look. Loafers come in various styles, colours and materials, from synthetic leather to suede and rubber. Some of the more popular loafers today include dress shoes such as dressy dress shoes, loafers with narrow heels, flat dress shoes and tuxedo loafers. The wide variety of materials allows loafers to be paired with almost any type of clothing.

mens shoesBallet Flat Sandals: The ballet flat is another favourite among mens shoes. These shoes are comfortable and versatile, allowing them to be worn with a variety of different outfits. The key to finding a comfortable ballet flat is finding one with a relatively flat sole and a fairly narrow toe. Typically, ballet flats will feature rubber or plastic outer soles, allowing them to grip the dance floor.

Dressy Dress Shoes: The dressy dress shoe features a raised leather toe and a very narrow, pointed toe. Commonly found in evening and black tie affairs, these shoes have been around for decades and have not undergone too many changes. This type of shoe will have a very distinct shape and may have little or no laces. A lot of men prefer to wear dress loafers, especially those with a square toe.

Tuxedo Loafers: The tuxedo shoe is another very popular choice among men. Like a dress shoe, the tuxedo has a square toe and can feature a rubber or plastic inner sole. However, men’s tuxedos will have a very distinct shape and feature a wing or button-down collar. They can be found in various styles and can be seen with either a high or low rise. The majority of men’s tuxedos will feature a white or a colour combination as their prominent colour. Black is still the most popular colour, though it is elegant and will match many different suits and dresses.

Wedge Loafers: Another popular option in mens shoes shoes is the wedge or heeled shoe. Wedges are similar to dress shoes, except they have less of a heel. They are made in a variety of different materials, from suede to leather. Healed and wedged loafers are ideal for casual occasions and will often be worn with tuxedos and other formal attire. They can also be used to show off a more athletic look and help prevent blisters.

Ballet Flats: The Ballet flat is another option for men’s shoes. These are very similar to modern ballet shoes and will feature an elasticized sole. They will also feature a rubber or plastic inner sole and be available in various colours, including black. Some are flat, and some are stitched together to form a full-grain leather upper. Many ballet outfits will require these men’s shoes due to the specialized type of floor work required.