Different Types of Lighting Used in Events

If you aim to ensure the success of an event you are organising, it is only imperative to have the perfect event lighting Adelaide. Different colours and modes of light can significantly influence the mood of the guests who attended the event. Cool colours like blue and green will surely make your guests feel relaxed and peaceful while orange and red hues, on the other hand, make all your event attendees more active and excitable. Not only that but also dimmed lighting during dinner can also help in creating a cozy environment that will help your guests relax and unwind.


That’s why when planning an event, you should not take for granted event lighting as it provides numerous benefits in making your party successful. Hiring the right type of light is essential to make the event tremendously successful that will also help in improving your company over time.


Gobo Lighting


Gobo is a stencil material that is placed over a light source to create a large variety of images effectively. As the light hits and passes through the stencil or gobo, the picture gets projected onto whatever the light is focused on. That’s the reason why this type of lighting system is prevalent in planned majority events recently. One of the excellent ways you can make use of gobo lighting for your event is to project the company’s logo or product images.





To effectively project the light onto the wall or a specific object, you need to place the lights on the ground and then aim it upwards.  This type of lighting is popularly used to highlight the speaker whether during a business presentation, simple yet elegant decorations in the room or any other appropriate elements. Aside from that, uplighting also significantly helps in creating an aura of colours over the event area even if nothing is especially highlighted. So, in case you are hosting a product launch or a similar type of event, you should consider using this type of lighting.


Outdoor Lighting


If you are arranging an outdoor event, you have many extra lighting options to choose. One of the most popular outdoor lighting options for outdoor activities is paper lanterns. It will create a dream-like aura while maintaining a fun mood during the whole duration of the event.


Moreover, string lights are also ideal for drafting a canopy over the dining area of your event. Also, a great addition to your outdoor party is candle-lined pathways. So, when planning your outdoor event, don’t hesitate to explore each of the most popular lighting options available.


Bear in mind that the type of lighting you should choose must depend on what kind of event you plan to host. If you want to show off something exciting for your guests or de-emphasise something else, then ensure that you have the right type of lighting at your disposal. Thus, to make sure you choose the right kind of lighting for your event, seek help from an expert. They will recommend the best type of Event lighting Adelaide that will perfectly suit your occasion.