Understanding About Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast reduction mammoplasty is the cosmetic plastic surgery method for reducing the overall size of big breasts. Usually, it is done to make way for a smaller bra or make the breast’s skin appear smoother. The results are permanent, and the breast reduction surgeon will match the new breast size to the patient’s frame without resorting to nipple repositioning. A skilled plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin and tissue surrounding the area in a breast reduction Adelaide procedure. Besides, excess skin and fat are removed around the nipples as well.


This procedure will result in a much smoother and more balanced appearance of the breasts. Many patients do not like the fact that they have too large breasts. These women usually feel that their areas are too large and look unnatural. Besides, a big bust can create bad self-image since many feel unattractive and masculine due to their large size. The procedure can be very beneficial for women who have both large and small breasts. There are also cases when women with very large, full breasts feel uncomfortable and inadequate in many aspects of life. In contrast, women with petite breasts sometimes feel sexy and attractive.


Women who are considering breast reduction Adelaide should make sure that they are committed to doing it after consulting with a professional plastic surgeon. If you have any health conditions that may prevent you from obtaining a medical license to do the surgery, you need to discuss this with your surgeon before surgery. While breast reduction operation is not usually covered by insurance, some insurance companies require a pre-operative consultation with a licensed physician. Then coverage is based on the pre-operative MRI and surgical bra parameters. In most cases, once you have completed your pre-operative evaluation and found that you are a suitable candidate, there is rarely any additional charges for the breast reduction procedure.


Most women who have undergone breast reduction Adelaide surgery say that it was one of the best decisions they have ever made. The surgery did not only reduce their physical size but also reduced the emotional and psychological burden. Before having the operation, many women had experienced back pain and were reluctant to resume physical activities because of the pain. When breast reduction surgery was performed, the physical activities needed to be resumed. The women were also able to resume their favourite physical activities such as running, swimming, and other sports.


There are two basic procedures in breast reduction. One is the circumferential reduction mammoplasty, also known as just plain reduction mammoplasty, which involves removing excess tissue in the armpit, sides and underarm. The other is the inframammary reduction mammoplasty, also known as incision reduction mammoplasty, which involves removing tissue around the underarm and inner thighs. The surgeon can perform either procedure depending on the extent of the problem.


A skilled plastic surgeon can determine the amount of breast reduction needed based on the patient’s weight and other health conditions. During the surgery, general anesthesia is required. You will be asleep during the entire procedure. Your breasts will be reduced gradually until you have no visible scars. This type of breast reduction mammoplasty effectively reduces both the breasts’ total size and the physical volume of the breasts.