The Advantages of Installing Brass Door Handles

Brass door handles can be used on various door types, including wood, steel, and fibreglass. They are very durable, and if they are correctly maintained, brass door handles will last for many years. Below we’ll look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of brass door handles.

Brass Door Handles in AdelaideThe most significant advantage to Brass Door Handles in Adelaide is that they match just about anything else that is out there. You can use them to dress up an entry door or to enhance a more modern-looking door. You can even find handles made with old-world design patterns such as Indian designs or Victorian designs. They fit snugly into a doorframe, and because of their shape, they seal tight, and they often have an excellent solid grip since the handle is pressed into the wood.

They cost less than the other types of handles, and you can find them in different finishes. The price depends on what type of finish has been applied to them, the size of the diameter and length of the handle, and how intricate the design of the brass door handles is. Some cheaper handles have only a nicely finished finish, while higher-end handles have more elaborate designs. You can avoid getting nails or any other kind of sharp edge damage by using handles made with good quality metal. Most companies that sell these kinds of handles will seal them for you and give you instructions on how to do it safely.

Brass Door Handles in Adelaide have brass door handles that come with a lifetime warranty. You should check to ensure you are getting a genuine lifetime guarantee because sometimes door hardware stores will cut corners and only offer a replacement for the latches. You would want to find a hardware store that will replace the latches and other hardware as long as it lasts the same time. If it is only a one-year warranty, it’s probably not worth it unless you plan to move out in a couple of years anyway. You can get a good deal on latches at hardware stores if you exactly know what you are looking for.

Another thing to consider is the texture and finish of the hardware. Some handles on doors have a better texture than others, and some doors have a better finish than others. The better the finish or the texture, the more likely it will last and hold up over time. You don’t want to replace the handles too often, but paying a little extra for a high-quality handle will be worth it in the end if it is essential to you.

Polished Chrome is the best type of door handles to use on your brass doors. It will not flake or peel up like plastic does and withstand more abuse than plastic. Chrome also looks just as classy and will add a great look to any brass or wood doors trimmed. You can find brushed chrome doors or polished chrome doors that will go well with almost any home.