Importance of Bottle Recycling

Bottle recycling is becoming more popular throughout the world as the emphasis on reusable plastic containers grows. Many countries have already adopted Bottle Recycling Depot by Thorntons Recycling to reduce their litter problem, and as an added benefit, it helps reduce air pollution. As a result of encouraging more people to use reusable containers, there are many different bottle recycling methods, most of which are easy for the average person to implement. One of the most significant advantages of bottle recycling is the fact that it is incredibly economical. Bottle recycling is one of the cheapest ways of creating new bottles, saving money on manufacturing and disposal costs.

bottle-recycling-depot-by-thorntons-recyclingPlastic bottles can be recycled easily, which is a very positive choice to make when trying to reduce your impact on the environment. Most plastic bottles are collected by kerbside recycling or sent to a bottle deposit facility. Data shows that only 14% of all bottled plastic is ever recycled, with more plastic bottle production set to increase dramatically in the next few years. If this trend continues, then in ten years, Australia will generate more plastic than gold. With this much demand for paperless or biodegradable products, the importance of recycling has never been higher.

While some people may view bottle recycling as a waste of energy, since most of the plastic used is melted down to form new glass bottles, this process’s importance cannot be underestimated. It is estimated that the average person produces three litres of trash a week, which is equal to taking over thirteen thousand barrels of oil to produce these bottles. If the trend continues, Australia will soon be the leading nation in terms of waste output per person. The importance of stopping this trend now cannot be emphasised enough. Australia is one of the world leaders in encouraging individuals to reuse every bit of plastic they can to reduce their carbon footprint.

While some countries have made it mandatory to use bottle recycling in homes, this rule is rarely enforced worldwide. In countries where people recycle, it is mostly the rich who are doing so. Since it is easier and more profitable to dispose of empty plastic bottles only than to try and repair, break or recycle them, most of the time, these bottles end up sitting in a city’s waste bin instead of being recycled. The importance of this simple act cannot be stressed enough. If everyone would recycle their empty plastic bottles instead of throwing them into their regular garbage, we could drastically reduce Australia’s waste.

Bottle Recycling Depot by Thorntons Recycling is famous because strict regulations ensure the bottles do not end up in the garbage or landfill. This practice does not work in other countries, since these countries are more interested in revenue than conserving the environment. If people in the developing world do not have the financial means to purchase new plastics every week, then the only option is to empty their bottles and sell them for money. Many recyclers earn a few dollars from each recycled bottle.

Private companies will also take your used plastic bottles and clean them up before reselling them again. You can make some money from these reselling since recycling companies do not profit from each recycled bottle. Many recyclers also offer to deliver the empty bottles to your home free of charge. This is one way you can make money by recycling a plastic bottle, but it is by no means the only way.

There are also various ways you can go about helping your community benefit from recycling programs. One way is to take your empty plastics to the local recycling centre and have them put them in totes. These bags of plastic are then taken to refineries and sold for new plastics. Since these bags are reusable, the environment’s effect is double what you would have if you just threw your plastic bottles out.

As stated earlier, there are many ways you can help the environment through recycling programs. Recycling programs not only help make the world a cleaner place to live in, but they also help make money. If you can recycle plastics, you will be able to make some extra money for yourself and not contribute to the destruction of the earth. Your recycled plastic bags can be turned into something else or sold to help support the recycling programs.