Is Artificial Grass Worth the Try?

For those who are interested in purchasing and installing synthetic turf for their business or home, the installation process can seem daunting. You may be tempted to try to do it yourself. However, hiring a professional to install synthetic turf will help you avoid the many mistakes that inexperienced homeowners make while installing artificial grass. Here is how to make sure that your turf installation project is done correctly:

First, lay the turf out in the sunlight for a couple of hours so that the new turf acclimate itself to the temperature of the sun. When laying the synthetic turf, it will be easier for you to install if you cut the turf down to the right sizes. Cut the new turf into the proper measurements. Secure the turf using 6-inch-long nails spaced 3 inches apart. Stretch the new turf using a heavy carpet stretcher, securing at each end. You should ensure that the turf is completely straight and level.


Second, clean out the area where you want to place your new synthetic turf. The area should be free from any clutter, dirt, or debris. Use a broom or vacuum to clean the area as well as mopping the area before laying the new synthetic turf down. If possible, lay the new turf on a temporary tarp.

Third, prepare the area where you are going to install the new artificial grass Melbourne by making sure that the soil is loose and that there is no water present. You may need to rake the dirt away from the installation site. Also, the area may need to be prepared by laying down a sheet of plywood so that it will have a waterproof surface. Once the surface has been prepared, you can then lay the artificial turf in its proper location.

Fourth, when installing artificial grass Melbourne, the most common installation method is through cutting the area in half, which requires two people to cut the grass into the appropriate length. When cutting the grass, the right length of the grass must be cut to twice the length of the area. The cut grass will then be placed into a cutting block and secured to the cutting block with double-sided tape.

Fifth, lay the grass as you normally would when installing synthetic turf by using the same tape, securing it to the cutting block if needed. After the grass has been laid, the cutting block will need to be replaced so that it is flush with the cutting block.

Sixth, remove any extra materials that might be laying around the edges of the area that you want to install the synthetic turf. Then, lay the artificial turf over the cutting block. Place the trim along the edge of the artificial turf and then affix the cutting block and secure to the cutting block with the cutting block.

Seventh, once the cutting is complete, use a piece of string or thread to secure the cut turf to the cutting block. Using this string or thread, tie off the edges of the cutting block and secure the synthetic turf. Finish tying off the string by wrapping it around the edge of the cutting block in a way that forms a loop.

The final step will be to put the cutting block in the area. With a broom, apply a soft cloth to the area where the cutting block is to be placed. The broom should be placed directly under the cutting block.

That’s all there is to installing artificial turf in your yard. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful look and feel of natural grass at a fraction of the cost. Now that you know how to install artificial turf start looking for a company that offers this service in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised at the type of deals you can find.