5 Things You Should Be Doing to Improve Your Adelaide SEO Strategy

Search engine optimisation, more commonly known by its abbreviation, ‘SEO’ has grown and changed over the years. Google’s algorithms have become more and more complex, which means SEO has also become steeper every year. For the most part, these changes are good. The constant improvements have resulted in better user experience, all while eliminating spammy or weak-content websites from the search rankings. To make sure that you stay on top of your Adelaide SEO strategy, we have five things you should do to improve your modern-day SEO.


DO: Use Analytics

You must use analytics to measure your site’s overall performance. Before you start making high-quality content, you need first to know which keywords you’re trying to rank for. To do so, you’ll need keyword analytics. There are other options, such as HubSpot, Moz, Alexa, or Marketo. Make sure you rank for phrases that relate to your business but have a low difficulty score. Learn more about it by clicking this link.


DO: Use Relevant Links

When you’re using links for your website, it should always be quality over quantity. No matter how many links you have, it won’t matter if it’s not high-quality. Always remember that one quality link is better than 10 mediocre ones. It will make your site more reliable, which is suitable for your Adelaide SEO strategy.


DO: Optimize Images for SEO

Before, people used to focus solely on content optimisation to get the best results out of their SEO. However, as what was just said, things have gone a bit more complicated. Now, you’ll have to optimise for other elements such as you site images. Make sure you insert the proper alt tags, as well as relevant keywords to make sure your images will also rank on Google.


DO: Mobile-Optimize Your Website

If you haven’t done this already, then your website is either out-of-date, or you just haven’t been paying attention to the trends. Mobile optimisation was a thing five years ago. So if your site is not yet optimised for mobile users, you need some catching up to do. Click here to know how to mobile-optimise your site.


DO: Create Relevant Content

Finally, you should always have relevant content for your website. Good content and content optimisation are key towards a better and brighter present and future for your website in terms of Google rankings. Keep in mind that Google prioritises on websites that provide good-quality content. That’s why you should take that into account and improve your Adelaide SEO by creating excellent quality content.