3 Main Reasons Why 44% Of People Fail Their Learners Test

The learners test is one of the most important exams you need to take to learn how to drive. It’s the exam that will determine whether or not you will be eligible for your learners permit and start practising driving. But while this test is essential, around 44% of learners fail on their first attempt. It’s not uncommon to fail a test on your first try. However, failing the WA learners test is quite inconvenient since it’ll take six long months before you can do a retake. That’s why you need to pass the learners tests on your first try!


There are many reasons why almost half of the test-takers tend to fail the learners test. We will discuss three of the most notable reasons, along with potential solutions to fix each problem.

Reason #1: Not Enough Preparation

The learners test is your first step to getting a license. It’s the test that will determine if you are eligible for a learners permit and start practising driving and work your way towards passing their drivers exam and earning your license. However, the simple act of not making the necessary preparations can ruin your chances of passing the test.


If you want to pass the learners permit test, you’ll need to review the driver’s handbook, take mock practice tests online, and get familiar with the entire structure of the test to get the highest chances of passing. By not doing these essential steps, you’ll more than likely fail the exam, which means you’ll have to wait another six months before you can get the chance.


Don’t waste any moment by failing your learners test due to unpreparedness. Study potential topics that might be included in the coverage, take practice tests and ask your local land transportation office for more information about the test.


Reason #2: Overconfidence

While confidence plays an integral role in passing the learners test, having too much of it can lead to overestimating your abilities and ending up flunking your exam.


The learners test is complex, and you need to be willing to put in the effort needed. You also should not assume that things will go smoothly moving forward just because you did the necessary preparations. There will be surprises, and it’s important for you not to be overconfident enough to overlook these possibilities.


Reason #3: Overthinking

If you think overconfidence is bad, wait until you start overthinking. “What if my preparations are not enough?” “What if I studied the wrong topics?” “What if I fail the test?” Anyone who takes any test will have jitters. It’s a natural part of the process, and it will worsen as you draw closer to your learners test.


But if you find yourself worrying about what might happen, that means there is too much going on in your head. Try to focus on what needs to be done and not worry so much about all of those “what-ifs.” Instead, remain calm and worry about the result once you’re done with the test.


Anxiety can lead to you not finishing the test on time, or worse, getting a mental block while taking the test. So make sure you keep your emotions in check and don’t try to overthink the possibilities.



There are plenty of reasons why people fail their WA learners test. But we find that these three are the core reasons why they do. So make sure you refrain from them and develop better habits when preparing for your learners test.