How to Properly Buy Kids Shoes

Unlike us, adults, children often have trouble expressing that their shoe already feels uncomfortable. Kids will only usually say they don’t know whenever asked about how their shoe feels. Well, it is for the fact that they are unable to describe it to you as they are still too young.


When it comes to shopping for kid’s shoes, it is essential to follow several fitting and sizing criterions. The shoe’s construction and materials, the type of outsole and closure and its function are some things we need to consider when buying any kids shoe at SPENDLESSNZ. But most importantly, how it correctly fits your child’s feet is the first factor you must always consider.


You may not discern when it’s time for a new pair of Kids shoes unless your child complains that they are already uncomfortable. So one thing you can do to ensure that what they are wearing still works on them is through periodically check their shoes. Check if the shoes already have worn areas or stressed seams. The shoes may not be wide enough if its sides are bulging or it wears out more quickly than the rest. Another sign of shoes that don’t fit properly is toes that bend upwards.  No doubt, it is time for a new pair of shoes if the toes or heels are already worn out.


Later in the afternoon or evening is the best time to do shoe shopping. It is because the feet swell over the day. Also, if your child happens to hate shoe shopping, look for a store like SPENDLESSNZ that specialises children’s footwear. They have reliable staffs that can assist you and is well-versed in dealing with reluctant shoe shoppers.


Moreover, since children tend to outgrow their shoes too quickly, you should avoid overspending. Unless it is for an exceptional occasion, give attention to cute and trendy shoes available for kids. It especially applies to parents who are in a tight budget.



Most importantly, when buying shoes, have your children’s feet measured correctly. It is because what might seem comfortable to them for a minute or two might be different after a day of playing. Also, keep in mind that both their feet should be measured while standing. It is no secret that one foot can be bigger than the other. So to accommodate both the feet, buy Kids shoes the same size as the large foot.


Although it’s too tempting to buy too big shoes to avoid constant shopping as your kid’s feet tend to grow faster, it is never right to risk their health and safety. Kids trying to walk in too large shoes are prone to tripping and developing foot issues. If you don’t want this to happen to your beloved little one, then do the right thing.