Why You Only Service your Vehicle at an Authorised Centre

Regardless of how well-conditioned your vehicle is, there eventually will come a time when you need to have it serviced. The truth is that every make and model of vehicle needs professional servicing for it to run smoothly and ensure that the driver and his passengers are safe inside. But with many local service shops and mechanics popping up in your neighbourhood, you face the dilemma of whether to go to the nearest shop or stick with an authorised centre which is located several miles away.

BMW ServiceIf you are thinking about servicing your car at a local unauthorised shop, then you may have to think twice about that idea. You see, there are unique advantages of sticking to a BMW Service – BPB Auto that you never can take for granted or ignore. So, for this post, we give you the arguments in favour of choosing an authorised service shop for your BMW instead of opting for a local mechanic.

1 – It has something to do with the manufacturer’s warranty.

The first reason why you only should service your car at an authorised centre is that you may still be qualified for the manufacturer’s warranty. For the most part, newly purchased vehicles have a 100,000-kilometre/3-year warranty. If your car is within those figures, it means you have no choice but to go to your dealership service or shop, unless you are not worried about losing that warranty claim.

2 – Certified service centres have complete service bays.

A considerable advantage of going to an authorised repair service for your car is that you are confident that your vehicle is in great hands, thanks primarily to complete service bays. Dealerships and authorised shops employ qualified technicians, who in turn have years of training and experts to become experts on a specific line of vehicles. Since they are manufacturer-trained, you get the guarantee that they know how to handle whatever problem your vehicle has.

3 – Authorised car repair centres encourage proper record keeping of your car maintenance.

Another considerable advantage of taking your car to a BMW Service – BPB Auto than just any local mechanic is that you are encouraged and motivated to keep a record of your vehicle’s maintenance and repair history. Many car owners disregard or undermine the importance of keeping track of service records, so long as they can drive their car, and it can take them from point A to point B. But most of them eventually will regret that decision after realising that some for their vehicle to be assessed appropriately and fixed for a significant issue, there’s a need to see its repair history.

Finally, opting to go to an authorised service centre means you are getting original parts for your car when the time comes it needs replacement.